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Hello! I’m a historian, a writer, and an editor, with professional experience not only in educational and academic publishing, but also in science fiction publishing. I love all of the different pieces of my work, but it’s a lot to keep track of!

My life as a historian: I received my doctorate from the University of California, Berkeley in 2006. My primary field of study was the history of science, and my secondary field was American history. After completing my Ph.D., I taught for a couple of years in the history department at Berkeley. My courses there included a general survey of the history of science, an undergraduate seminar on Darwin, and an upper-division lecture course on the history of science in the United States. In 2008, I transitioned from college to high school, and I now work as a history teacher at an independent private school in New York City.  More information on my academic work can be found here.

My life in science fiction: I’m the editor-in-chief of Strange Horizons, a weekly online science fiction magazine. Strange Horizons has been nominated (twice) for a Hugo Award, and we’ve published fiction from the best and brightest new voices in speculative fiction. I’ve also co-edited an anthology and worked as a resident editor with a number of writing workshops. More information on my science fiction work can be found here.

My life as an editor: I have several years of experience as a freelance editor and writer in academic and educational publishing. I’ve done developmental editing for high-school textbooks, line and copy editing for an academic press, and writing work for a number of encyclopedias and reference publishers. More information on my writing and editing work can be found here.

My life in general: If you want to know more about me, there’s the traditional “About Me” page. I also have an online journal (call it a blog if you like! everyone does!) that I’ve been keeping, on and off, since 1998. (Not all of the old entries are on this site yet, but I’m working on it.)  If you have any questions, or just want to say hi, my email address is  Thanks!